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The cosmos is great and incomprehensible beyond the boundaries of atmospheric celestial bodies and within them. Filled with interstellar matter, cosmic rays and electromagnetic radiation, not to mention dark matter, it gives rise to certain contemplative experiences that the highest type of mental activity very accurately describes with two appropriate words - extraterrestrial beauty. And if there is space, then there should be space music. This is the very music that causes the listener to have exceptionally deep spatial sensations, carefully packed into the darkest matter penetrated by cosmic rays and electromagnetic radiation.

Neurophysiologists are ready to clarify to anyone who wants to listen to them, which particular parts of the brain are responsible for experiences of this kind. You can listen to them, because they know all the cells of the main organ of the central nervous system in the face and by name. They are not directly interested in space music itself. But they readily acknowledge its beneficial effect on various systems of highly organized matter and are universally used in their medical and health practice if they are psychotherapists.

Adherents of various meditation and relaxation practices are closely familiar with space music. Extraterrestrial beauty, coupled with the sensations of intergalactic flights, appears to be an extremely effective means to achieve the highest degree of awareness and inner peace. Especially if this peace of mind is backed up by an uninterrupted cash flow. * Meditations for money *, repeatedly strengthened by space music, require from all without exception practitioners some special training, sometimes many years. Those who do not have the necessary training, do quickly ready mantras to attract money. It is possible with space music, it is possible without it ...

What is cosmic music and where can it be found if it is necessary to stimulate contemplative experiences accompanied by spatial sensations?

A variety of genres and trends find in their ranks music that can behave like space music, thanks to all the same sensations and experiences. And this is only from the currently existing genres and trends - jazz, rock, new age, ambient, electronic music. It’s a sin to conceal, and academic music was not left behind by spatial sensations and experiences.

Music can be extremely diverse in nature, can show different levels of complexity and sound texture, can show a number of differences in melodic, harmonic and rhythmic language. Even the instruments - and they can be used differently, but since there are spatial experiences, such music is definitely space music.

However, it should be noted that some genres gravitate towards spatial experiences more than others. This is, of course, Ambient, New Age, Trans, Electronic pop and the like this. All musicologists are unanimous in this, even those who do not consider themselves a musicologist.

A favorite topic of texts accompanying space music and the names of such compositions is everything that is at least distantly related to science fiction. Any well-known science fiction writers can be worthy candidates - multiple references to their works will be constantly found in works of space music.

And, of course, feature films of the corresponding subject cannot be thought of without the corresponding spatial sensations. Space music finds its place even in some educational institutions of an educational nature, such as planetariums. There she can accompany lectures, shows and presentations.

Modern Internet resources offer space music for private use in their own home videos or for more commercially oriented projects, providing it with appropriate licenses. The amount of space music for every thirsty for spatial experiences is steadily growing, thereby confirming a brilliant medical guess about the inevitability of the influence of vibrations of this kind on all vital physiological systems, up to certain definite hormonal changes.

The completion of the process of contemplative experiences is usually not particularly difficult. However, if it is impossible to do this on their own, the neuropsychiatrists responsible for this part of the brain are always ready to help, especially those who regularly practice meditation on attracting money, accompanied by the most space music of all possible.

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