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эмбиент музыка

Space Music - instrumental electronic music.
Space music, ambient music, new age music.

Space background music for video.

Space music, ambient music, atmospheric music, background music, cinematic music, dreamy music,

inspirational music, magical music, melancholic music, nature music, nostalgic music, orchestral music,
relaxing music, romantic music, sensitive music, sensual music, sentimental music.


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Space background music for video

Space background music for video - background music from Musway Studio.

Space background music for video offers for buyers background music across the world.
We create music tracks for the most diverse tasks.

For Buyers, we offer space
background music for video,
created by Musway Studio that can be used in many different applications including but not limited to:
TV, radio, online video, web sites, presentations, promos and much more.


All music by Musway Studio.

Composer - Musway Studio (ASCAP IPI: 843532833)

Publisher - Musway Studio (ASCAP IPI: 841548627)

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Gennadiy Belolipetskiy (ASCAP IPI: 840398329). Musway Studio (ASCAP IPI: 843532833)​

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